Top 10 Gore Anime


2 years ago

Created by Antonio Tajuelo

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In this list we are voting for the most bloody, grotesque and horrible anime series ever made.

#1 Elfen Lied (693 points)

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#2 Highschool of the Dead (539 points)

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#3 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (478 points)

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#4 Another (442 points)

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#5 Deadman Wonderland (420 points)

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#6 School Days (400 points)

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#7 Shiki (388 points)

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#8 Gantz (360 points)

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#9 Hellsing (350 points)

(Added by Shader)

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#10 Umineko no Naku Koro ni (347 points)

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#11 Basilisk (342 points)

(Added by Kennykaboom)

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#12 Berserk (329 points)

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#13 Blood-C (253 points)

(Added by Sakurua)

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#14 murder princess (212 points)

a bounty and a princess some how swap bodies, the princess begges the hunter to protect her country until her brother reterns to the land. the hunter accepts and was given the name murder princess.

(Added by Aleksandra)

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#15 Mirai Nikki (178 points)

(Added by Bea (心))

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#16 Hellsing (160 points)

(Added by Hayate2349)

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#17 When they cry (104 points)

(Added by Sillyily)

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#18 Corpse Party (52 points)

Corpse Party is set in Heavenly Host Elementary School (天神小学校 Tenjin Shōgakkō?), an elementary school that was torn down following the murders and disappearances of several of its staff and students.

(Added by namychan)

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Comments (38)

blacklotuspt said  

this list is a joke

bilikm said  


someone said  

watch tokyo ghoul :)

Noha said  

School Days.. Meh

Someone said  

this top is a joke, looks like weaboos voted here

rufus said  

add Akame ga KILL!

rufus said  

why is Hellsing twice on the list?

School days?

shit list

sea said  

,,sadly none of these anime's really affected me, i mean, i would be eating and watching corpse party and elfen lied,,

anime said  

watched half

wow said  

To the people saying SNK is a gore anime and wondering why it is not on this list, it is NOT. It is a dark fantasy, just because there's blood, does not mean it is a gore Anime. If you want to know what a gore anime looks like, watch Elfen Lied, Blood C, or any other Anime on this list...

hm said  

Where's Shingeki no kyojin?

The real top 10 said  

1. Genocyber

2.Fist of the North Star

3. Angel Cop

4. Violence Jack

5. Devilman


7. Ichi the Killer (Manga)

8. Ninja Scroll

9. Berserk (Manga)

10.Elfen Lied

YO said  

Angel Cop?

the applegirl said  

SCHOOL DAYS IS NOT GORE! whats wrong with this list…

Someone said  

isn't when they cry just the english name for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?

Satoshimochida said  

Wow, Corpse Party is the lowest rating? Really? Huh. It was the MOST gorey anime ever. Way worse than Elfen Lied.

Someone said  

Só anime modinha não vejo nem uma novidade em pagina alguma sobre anime gore

Someone said  

Genocyber 1million points

namy said  

i've watched all of Anime on the list but if you said the 10 GORE anime so it supposed to be CORPSE PARTY on the first place -__-

SatsuKage said  

I would say today are much more gore anime than Elfenleid hotd or Higurashi who are more one of the best horror , gore anime that i had watched is Corpse Party: Tortured Souls censored version didint exist just the uncensored its far more

psychological than Elfenleid (my opinion) same as the someone who wirte before me hotd is just NO GORE!

Another ist nice :3 Mirai Nikki too

written by: SatsuKage

Someone said  

Fuck hsotd super lame but good fan service

anime freak said  

I love elfen lied, but blood c has a lot of gore and brutal scenes. Mirai nikki is great, but not that much gory. <3

taneischa said  

i've watched alot of these but higurashi should be number 1.. when they cry en higurashi no naku koro ni are the same ._.

yolo said  

you guys forgot Snk

Someone said  

higurashi is the #1 for gore, I seen all of these anime's and none are close to higurashi in terms of gore

Someone said  

To the guy who posted Genocyber in comments: Could u give some more animes in this genre :D

Someone said  

elfen lied, higurashi, deadman wonderland, mirai nikki and shiki were some of my favourite anime! will be checking out some of the rest :D

Someone said  


Someone said  

What?Lol very weak list.Genocyber alone make elfen lied appear so violent like pokemon

Someone said  

OMG just by the picture i KNOW i have to see Shiki

Lord ReptileMan said  

I say Elfen Lied is the goriest anime iv'e seen so far, i'm still lookin

Neko Prince Lance said  

omg school days my stumic hurts just looking at it

seth orion elliott said  

I<3them all they are awesome

rakki said  

I only watched Basilisk...

The ShInIgAmi said  

I think highschool of the dead is number 4 a reason☺!!!

KuraraPrincess said  

the only one i've watchde from this list is highschool of the dead.. >_>

JediPrime said  

Loved Another...but no really gory.

Akemi Homura (Kobato.) said  

I didn't know or haven't seen so many of those. O.O

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