Doukyuusei (Shounen-Ai)

HaruHonne 3 502 points


3 502 points

I just had to share this movie I watched based off the manga by Nakamura Asumiko.

She writes stories that are a bit tragic (scratch that, very very tragic).

However, Doukyuusei has to be the happiest warmest love story I've ever read/watched.

The story is about two boys in an all boy school (Yes, seems cliche, but it doesn't give you that "yaoi" feel right off the bat really) the boys bond from music.

Music is not the focus at all! The boys have some sort of singing recital but one of them can't read well (has sight issues; wears glasses).

It is very cute! Also the manga has different after stories to read.

If you like a lot of drama in your romance then this would not be for you, otherwise I really recommend to watch/read this if you're into shounen-ai.

Alys Pavais 2 092 points

Alys Pavais

2 092 points

it was a fantastic movie that I saw at a Y-con. I knew that things of its caliber existed, I just didn't expect to see one in an actual theatre like setting. so that was certainly a treat~

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