Peria Chronicles

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Has anyone heard of Peria Chronicles?

Well it is not out yet for Korea or any where else, but I'll share it anyway because if you love anime then you will really love this game!

Peria Chronicles will be a MMORPG that so far seems to have NO classes.

It'll be about you taking care of Kirana, pokemon like creatures in a sense (because some are more humanoid than others though I would say it's closer to digimon in that sense)

The customization that was shown seems to be amazing!

The game will also have a lot of customizing the world, example would be like minecraft.

Also, it seems it will have some features to do with "life" by that I mean just chilling by a camp fire, sitting down and actually eating, dancing, etc. a good example for that is the game Mabinogi.

Some people even consider this game to be a good sequel for Mabinogi, with that in mind, the game will be from Nexon.

Gameplay so far seems to be fighting with Kirana but you can also attack yourself.

Also I just have to mention about customization again, you can be short or tall. That to be is important, people seem to be more clones of each other if they have to be the same height.

The graphics are just amazing for an anime style. I believe they would consider it cell shaded, to me similar to the new Zelda game.

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