Resell Desktop sale & service in Bhandup

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Welcome to Computronics Technologies, Computronics commitment to quality and service is stronger than ever. The company continually strives to help and work with Individuals and maintenance engineers to reduce maintenance and repairs cost and increase productivity. We provides computer and laptop repair solution like a desktop motherboard repair services.We offer repair solutions to provide repair solution to individuals and small scale dealer and corporate client till now.We also offer Chip Level Repair of Laptop, Desktop motherboard and range of data recovery services.At present we have a hold in the Mumbai suburban market.

For more information visit our website or free to call us +919699998399.

Apple macbook repair service in Bhandup

Resell laptop sale & service in Bhandup

Resell Desktop sale & service in Bhandup

Laptop repair service in Bhandup

Laptop & Desktop repair Service in Mumbai

Laptop & Desktop repair Service in Maharashtra

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